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Louro Dune Floor Tile 20x61cm

Louro Dune Floor Tile 20x61cm

Price:  £ 19.00  per sqm Availability: 1000 in stock
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Kampus Dune Floor Tile 24x95cmOverlay image

Kampus Dune Floor Tile 24x95cm

Price: £29.00 per sqm
Alpes Smoke Floor Tile 20x61cmOverlay image

Alpes Smoke Floor Tile 20x61cm

Price: £24.00 per sqm
Tarima Roble Floor Tile 20x61cmOverlay image

Tarima Roble Floor Tile 20x61cm

Oak Wood Tiles Authentic Wood Appearance  More durable than wood and mark as easily
Price: £19.00 per sqm
Irati Natural 23 x 120cmOverlay image

Irati Natural 23 x 120cm

Price: £32.00 per sqm
Ardoise Musgo  23 x 120cm  Overlay image

Ardoise Musgo 23 x 120cm

Ardoise Musgo Wood Effect Floor Tile Tile Specification & Features Size - 23cm x 120cm - 3.6 Tiles/Sqm Material - Porcelain Finish - Matt & Textured Use - Floor & Wall  Thickness - 9mm Each Tile Has Moderate Different Colours and Pattern
Price: £32.00 per sqm
Shaby Chic 20x61cmOverlay image

Shaby Chic 20x61cm

Price: £19.00 per sqm
Product ID: 210
Condition: New
Colour scheme: Brown  
Tile Uses: Wall   Floor  
Finish: Matt  
Material: Ceramic  
Availability: In Stock  
Tile Thickness: 8mm   
Factory: STN